Lincolnwood Teacher's Association

Our Purpose is...

1. To promote within the LTA group the highest type of professional practices; to encourage active participation of all LTA staff in the solution of school problems; to urge every member of the profession to be a progressive student of education; and to arouse allegiance to a genuine spirit of professional ethics.

2. To maintain high standards for the teaching profession; to promote LTA's participation in management; and to aid in securing and maintaining adequate salaries, seniority, sound retirement systems, and such other improvements that will enable the LTA to function properly as a vital factor in the education process.

3. To cooperate with LTA parent teacher associations and other civic bodies which serve the district’s educational objectives and to aid in interpreting to the public the problems, functions, and the steady progress of the public schools.

4. To encourage LTA members to exercise their rights and privileges as citizens, including participation and leadership in civic affairs.

Council Leadership

Travis DuPriest


Kevin Conley


Mari Garvonado

Welfare Co-Chair

Ana Ryan

Welfare Co-Chair

Elena Menicocci


Erin Davis


Jenny Savage

Building Rep-TH

Mona Taliya

Building Rep-RH

Steve Gerber

Building Rep-LH



1. The Covid Days law is still in effect as long as the Governor has declared Illinois as still under a state of public health emergency. The governor typically renews this status monthly during the middle of each month.

2. If you are fully vaccinated (not boosted) or have an approved exemption on file with the district then you will get your sick days back starting July 1st, 2022 through the duration of this law. So, if you have already missed days this school year, please contact Chris Barnabas to ensure they are reinstated.

3. This applies if you have tested positive or if you have to stay home for a child or dependent who tested positive. It does not apply to close contact situations.

4. You must provide the district office with documentation from a medical health care provider. The district will no longer accept the results from a take home, self-administered test.

Here are the steps to follow when you test positive:

    1. After a positive test of you or a dependent, submit documentation of a positive test from the doctor/health care provider to Chris Barnabas.
    2. In Aesop, put in for the required sick days (5 calendar days after the onset of symptoms or positive test).
    3. The days will be reinstated retroactively by the business office.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to council leadership


Please email us if you have any questions or concerns...